Currents during the Drugstore Knowledge and you may LearningAsma El-Magboub, Ian S

Haworth, Brian T. Sutch, Rebecca M. Romero Objectives To evaluate faculty-led discussion meetings (with about eight students) conducted face-to-face (in-class) or by synchronous, real-time videoconference (online), in a biopharmaceutics course taught in a facilitated problem-based learning (PBL) format. Methods Three methods were used to compare in-class versus online discussion sessions for two semesters. The first method involved three parameters that measured the quality of interactions between faculty (facilitator) and student (Fc–St), participation of students in the discussions (Par), and student–student interactions (St–St). The second method assessed student’s perceptions of the discussions with surveys. The third method mapped the interactions (a sociogram) between faculty (facilitator) and students in a discussion. Results There were significantly lower scores for Par and St–St (P < 0.05)>

Physical objectives and you can pharmacology of curcumin

Guide ChapterAsma Este-Magboub ,Pornchai Rojsitthisak, Chawanphat Muangnoi, Wisut Wichitnithad, Rebecca Yards. Romero, Ian S Haworth Curcumin ‘s the big part of this new reddish dye off turmeric, an enthusiastic Indian spruce that is extracted from the new rhizome of one’s exotic plant Curcuma longa, and that is one of the Zingiberaceae family relations. Inside chapter, we talk about the pharmacological activities regarding curcumin and you can explore new unit bases for these circumstances. We following remark brand new demonstrated and you will possible clinical uses from curcumin. Curcumin is known usually given that a curative representative, however, their process out-of step try detailed. The fresh pharmacological aftereffects of curcumin appear to be the result of good synergism of sites out-of poor biochemical relations that have numerous physiological aim within the interconnected signaling pathways. This type of plans were minerals such as for example cyclooxygenase, lipoxygenase and you may protein kinases, and you can transcription factors particularly NF-?B, STAT and you may Nrf2. Modulation of them molecules impacts downstream affectors that make the fresh antiinflammatory, anti-oxidant, chemopreventive, anticancer, and antimicrobial points off curcumin. Such outcomes was indeed checked out from inside the systematic trials regarding curcumin to have soreness and inflammatory illness, cancer, Alzheimer condition, cardiovascular disorder, and you can diabetic issues. The fresh new examples have used variable dosage out of curcuminwith various other wavelengths and you will period, towards the general conclusion that highest dosages from curcumin at the level of g must get therapeutic effects. Read more

Curcumin: Synthesis, Emerging Part into the Pain Administration and you can Wellness Implications

Book Section Examples of bush-derived pharmaceuticals that have get to be the notice of continued and you will great browse and you may creativity attract provides, to date, come a bit scarce. Immediately after a long period, the past 20 years have been described as a beneficial 100-bend rise in exactly how many medical posts typed annually you to definitely is actually of advantages on the access to curcumin in biomedicine. Find out more

Design, synthesis and physiological things off curcumin prodrugs

Publication ChapterAsma Este-Magboub ,Pornchai Rojsitthisak, Chawanphat Muangnoi, Wisut Wichitnithad, Rebecca Yards. Romero, Ian S Haworth Curcumin has some possible pharmacological consequences and may provides healing software in several situation claims, because the chatted about in detail in the earlier section. But not, the possibility clinical efficacy off curcumin is limited from the its physicochemical properties away from worst water solubility and you may imbalance, and this lead to lowest bioavailability. Prodrugs out of curcumin render a means to upgrade of biopharmaceutical and pharmacokinetic functions, that can ensure it is exploitation of your pharmacological results of curcumin. Within part, i basic comment the fresh new physicochemical and pharmacokinetics from curcumin. I after that establish the appearance of curcumin prodrugs having increased h2o solubility and you may increased chemicals balance which is often converted returning to totally free curcumin up on bioactivation inside vivo. I stress recent profits in this area, with a focus on the structure, synthesis and you can investigations out-of prodrugs predicated on promoieties including amino acids, fatty acids, nucleic acids, dicarboxylic acids, and you can polymeric information eg hyaluronic acid and you may polyethylene glycol. Which section provides the basis for optimisation of your own physicochemical and biopharmaceutical functions in addition to physical activities away from curcumin prodrugs, on the goal using of them curcumin types during the scientific applications. Read more

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